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For Single & Double Side Coated Paper

General Description

Flexo Printing & punching machine is designed for printing and blanking of paper roll.

Application of Machine

Flexo printing & punching machine produces printed paper blank 

for paper cup, paper salad bowl and so on. 

Production Range

2.5oz ~ 150oz Blank,    60cc ~ 1100cc

4도 인쇄기 111111.jpg

Model : FPPM-ES2023-A4


lnk Pump Type  is?

The equipment of ink feeding system is Air-pump type

It is special method and also clean for operation 

The machine is used for both single-sided coating and double-sided coating paper.

Size Range of Printing and Blanking

size range of punching_1.jpg

LAYOUT OF Printing and Blanking 

예맨 coffee 6.5oz_298.3T (1).jpg

4 Color Printing sample (single coated paper)


sidewall(blank/fan) after punching

예맨 coffee 12oz_1P_1.jpg

Lay-out of Machine (fppm-es2023-A4)


Main Configuration

1. Paper roll die cutting

2. Flexographic Printing

3. Edge Position Control for Web Guide

4. Auto Tension control with Powder Brake

5. Tracking the I-Mark(Photo mark) system

6. Mitsubishi Servo with Trio Motion Control

7. Automatic Collecting

8. Automatic Stripping

9. Corona Treatment for Double coated paper

10. Ink supply with Air-pump

Specification of Machine

FPPM-ES2023-A4 사양서 (2024년).png

Youtube Video

Flexo Printing & Punching

Machine Inline (FPPM-ES2023-A4)

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