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General Description

Paper cup blank Punching machine is designed for  blanking of paper

Application of Machine

Paper blank for paper cup, bowl, plate and so on. 

Production Range

2.5oz ~ 150oz Blank,    60cc ~ 1100cc

Specification of Machine

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size range of punching_1.jpg

Size Range of Blanking

Lay-out of Machine (ALS-Model )

무축 튼튼펀칭기_1.jpg

Video on the Youtube Channel



Paper Cup Blank Punching Machine (ALS-Model)


Main Configuration

1. Heavy-Duty metal mold

   (Long Run Production)

2. Auto Tension control with Powder Brake

3. Tracking the I-Mark system

4. Servo with Trion Motion control system

   (Simple and Easy Operation)

5. Automatic Collecting

6. Automatic Stripping

7. Quick Change of mold and adjustment

   (Around 20 minutes)

8. Air shaft-less Hydraulic Unwinder

9. De-curling Adjustment Cylinder

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